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Tie-down a Franklin

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While this post probably should be in "Garage, Trailer & Towing," I thought the specific qualities of Franklin suspensions dictated asking it here.

I'm going to be trailering a 1906 G touring and a 1917 cloverleaf. How is the best way to tie down the cars. I am concerned about strapping to the axles; I don't want to pull foward and back too much. Strapping to the top of the springs would seem to invite a bounce and then slack and jerk on the cars. Am I overthinking this? Or not thinking enough?


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I trailered my '21 9B touring in an enclosed trailer from CA to TX by strapping to the axles. The car could bounce up and down in a normal fashion without putting undue stress on anything else.

Had absolutely no problems nor damage of any kind.

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I've also thought about this a lot. Tie it to the axles, and ratchet them tight. I've trailered many Franklins over many miles. Don't stretch the car out, but keep it tight. The Franklin springs take considerably more stress from driving.

BTW, congrats on the G. That's a nice one!

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