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1949 buick super convertible parts needed


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I am searching for the following:<BR>Wiring Harness.<BR>Hydraulic window and top parts<BR>Door panels.<BR>Running engine and/or parts to rebuild one.<BR>All brake system parts.<BR> If you would like to sell any of the above or can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Please e-mail me.<P>Thanks,<P>Paul Atmajian

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Guest scott mich bca # 6619

Paul,<P>Harnesses Unlimited has or can make the harnesses you need. They made one for me and I was happy with it. 100% authentic. Phone # 610-688-3998<P>Hyro Electric has the cylinders & pump motors. Their # is 800/343-4261 from MA. <P>I have a few other supliers if these don't work. Either re-post or drop me an e mail at scott@earlmich.com<P>Scott

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