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I would like to replace the rear window seal in my 1947 lincoln continental.when I remove the interior frame would I also have to remove the exterior stainless steel frame to remove the window?

would the window be removed to the inside of the car or be removed from the outside?

any suggestions on this procedure would be appreciated.


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Guest imported_V12Bill

Mitch,I assume you have a coupe and not a cabriolet. The rear window comes out from inside the car. The stainless moulding is attached to the pinch weld and does not have to be removed. I would advise applying a sealant of some sort to the inside of the pinch weld and the outside edge of the rubber seal to avoid water leaks that would stain the headliner. I have used Dow black silicon sealant from Home Depot or Lowes as it is a dull black that will blend in to the rubber seal and will not be impossible to break loose if you need to remove the window again. It is also easy to wipe the excess clean before it dries.

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thanks for the information.yes, it is a coupe.

the rubber seal that I'm using is not form fitting but a rubber channel that wraps around the window and the ends are glued together.

where would the best place to put the joint, at the top or bottom of the window?


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