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F.S. 1979 LeSabre Palm Beach for parts or will be crushed

Pete Phillips

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I received a call from Bill Cook, BCA #429 (!) today. He says a 1979 LeSabre Palm Beach coupe is available at a paint & body shop near him in Frankfort, Indiana, for next to nothing. The car has a few parts removed (part of a rear qtr. panel, I think he said), but has all of the other scarce and hard to find Palm Beach parts. He says the car is probably headed for destruction in a demolition derby or crushing, and he thought someone might need the parts.

Only 4001 of these very special yellow and white coupes were built in the spring of 1979. They have unique yellow grilles, yellow bumper rub strips, and a very unusual yellow and white interior. Most were highly optioned cars with lots of accessories. This car can probably be bought for whatever the scrap value would be ($200-400?). They are very, very hard to find. Bill Cook's phone # is 765-659-1393 for more information, but please understand that he is not the seller--he is like me--he hates to see something rare go to the crusher.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, Texas

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Guest imported_MrEarl

I have eyed these cars over the years and it's a shame this one has ended up as a parts car. very sad to see rare classic Buicks end up like this.

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