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Local Shows and Swap Meets

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I'm starting a new thread for people to post local shows and swap meets for British and/or European cars. Frequently people are not aware of what's happened very nearby them, often because communication among groups isn't as well established for us as it is for most American makes. This may help.

Please post the event and date in the subject line, and any links in the post. If there are no links available please post a brief description and any contact information.

Hopefully this thread will be active enough for it to be on top most of the time. Never the less if one of the moderators could make this topic a "sticky" it would be appreciated.

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July 18, 2010 San Luis Obispo Ca. @ Laguna Lake park.

" Gathering of Friends European Car Show" Phone: 1 805 781 8605

This is a great show, from VW's to Mercedes, to Porsche, BMW, From Morris, Austin, Cortina to Rolls and Aston Martin or Fiat to Ferarri or A to Z or if you will a Jaguar to a Tiger.


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Guest Go Slow

ALL Import Car & Truck Show

ALL Import & Truck Car Show on Saturday, September 17, 2011 Location: Hall Nissan Western Branch, 3417 Western Branch Blvd (Rt. 17) Chesapeake, Virginia 23321 – Rain or Shine. OPEN to ALL Import Cars and Trucks!! Registration fee is $20 day of the show. FREE to spectators. Registration begins at 9:00am and ends at 12 noon sharp! Judging 12:00 noon to 2:00pm . Many trophies plus Best Asian, Best European and Best in Show trophy and Hall Nissan Dealer’s Choice trophy. Awards at 3:00pm. Goodie Bags (first 100 registrations) vendors, 50/50 (Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia) and more. So come on out and show off your car and support a great cause!!

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Our local British Car Day is held in Harbin Park, Fairfield OH (northern suburbs). Event includes a small swap meet (some excellent bargains at times) as well as the show. See link for several pages of details.

This year's Cincinnati British Car Day will be held on Sunday July 17. Make your plans now!




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The Morgan Plus Four Club is dedicated to the pursuit of motoring excellence everywhere including the Information Superhighway. This year, 2005, marks the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Morgan Plus Four Club ! Its mission to be an active, forward thinking, motoring enthusiast organization is appropriately global in scope, as Morgan is the enduring sports car marque worldwide. Based in Southern California, the Morgan +4 Club has been active for 50 years, with members who drive, show and race their Morgan +4, Morgan 4/4, Morgan +8, Morgan Plus 4 Plus and Morgan Trikes at club events each month.

The Club has an active CALENDAR OF EVENTS which are posted on the Website and printed in the monthly newsletter, the FORMAT.

We invite you to Join the Club . Although membership is not required to participate in many of the Club's events, there is essential information that members share, not just about how to purchase and restore a "vintage Morgan" but about the entire Morgan philosophy; summed up in the annual award: "Carry On Regardless."

The club sponsors events each month as well as a major meeting on the Central California Coast called MOGWEST.

For those of you in other parts of the world, check out the nearest MORGAN enthusiast organization. A list of clubs is maintained on the GOMOG site.

Friday, July 20, 2012 to Sun, July 22, 2012

July event. MogWest Cambria CA Gerry Willburn

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This is by far the largest and coolest Brit event I have ever attended. 800 cars, literally impossible to see them all in one day, vintage races associated with the event, and thousands of like-minded folks attending. Labor Day weekend, you will never forget this show. All British Field Meet Portland Oregon

Here's our post on the event from last year just for a small taste of what you are in for! Moto Arigato: All British Field Meet Makes Us Want to do Something Dirty with an E-Type

Worth a trip from anywhere in the country!

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The clubs that revolve about the small Brit cars here in the US especially my quadrant of America seem to dwell around show only with a hospitality room, local tour events and a wine and dine at the end of the awards ceremony.  Too much pomp and circumstance/pedigree for the average 'get your hands dirty' owner/builder of the various makes and models and they have all but done away with the swap meet portion of the shows.  The last two events/shows I attended had no swap section though advertised and at that save a couple folks were often just offering books on x models for sale or trinkets like Union Jack logo stuff.  At most these books were "the story of..." and nothing but picture books with zero pertinent data to the repair and maintenance at any degree....a coffee table book if you will for idle minds.  I think many organizers do not like the 'organized chaos' of the display of used parts and such in and about the arena of the event.  Whatever their thinking, the lack of a swap meet has totally turned me from any attending any future Brit car show event.  Not worth the time or trouble to attend.  Don't get me wrong, I like a clean finished car as much as the next man, I just prefer having access to parts to be able to reach that point in a build just a tad bit better.....the combined event of swap and show is truly a win win and many meets are shooting themselves int eh foot for gate money by not hosting the swap.  

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Autumn in the Mountains 2022.  Saturday, Sept. 24.


This show is sponsored by the British Car Club of North Carolina. So it is those mountains - not the Rockies, not the Alps, not the Andes, but still very beautiful.


I went to this show a few years ago, and was very favorably impressed. I missed 2021, but they had over 200 British cars that year. I hope to go again this year. I hope you can, too. (Full disclosure; I am not a member of the BCCWNC.)


To be held at the Mills River Brewing Co., Mills River, NC.


22nd Annual Autumn in the Mountains British and European Automobile and Motorcycle Show


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