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1933 Buick Limo Seies 90

Brando Pistorius

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If possible could you help me with some research or guidance on how to find some information on one of our cars?

We own a 1933 Buick Limousine Series 90 that has been displayed at the Imperial Palace Museum in Las Vegas for 15 years as having been formerly owned by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. The carriage is a Bronkhorst, which was the company commissioned by the Queen to build funeral follow cars. The Queen’s mother and husband died in 1934, so we are trying to authenticate its presence and possible involvement with those funerals and the general ownership of this vehicle. We are hoping you can help!

The person who bought the car from the museum garaged it for 10 years in Alabama, never drove it, and the documentation supporting the affiliation to Queen Wilhelmina was destroyed in a fire, including photos of her in the car. We want to represent this car truthfully, so we need assistance with tracking its history. I am hoping to get some information together before the July 1 Buick Nationals in Colorado. What information I have so far, as well as photos, are on our webpage www.transflor.com/vintage_cars.htm

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Joanne Pistorius joanne@transflor.com (813)714-1019

Brando Pistorius

Post Office Box 260292, Tampa, Florida USA 33685-0292

(813) 880-9580 office * (813) 880-8360 fax * (813) 917-9205 mobile www. Transflor.com

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