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alcohol tainted gas

Guest squiretom

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Guest squiretom

hi all

since about Feb this year , in Florida almost all the fuel is stated as containing up to 10% ethanol and by 2010 all must have this additive at a 10 % level.( or in my opinion subtractative).

mileage has dropped 10 to 15 % in both the Reatta and the Le Sabre. That is bad enough , but will the ethanol content harm anything in the Reatta ?

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Guest Richard D

I just checked my owners manual and they claim that up to 10% ETHANOL is ok, Methanol is not. I have stayed away from it until yesterday when I noticed that the pump at the BP station had a new sticker on it claiming that it may contain up to 10% ethanol. I will look at the nearby Chevron or Shell and see if they start putting it in their fuel. I have heard that unless designed for it it can be rough on fuel system components, cause corrosion and might make a noticable reduction in fuel mileage but probably not at 10%. Why take a chance? I will stick with 100% gasoline while it's available. If it is all I can get after 2010 I will look into avgas 100LL for the Skylark. I only put about 1,000 miles a year on it.

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On March 6, 2009, Growth Energy (a trade group) and

54 ethanol manufacturers submitted an application for

a waiver of the prohibition of the introduction into

commerce of certain fuels and fuel additives….blah,blah,blah.

In short, the EPA is proposing increasing the maximum

amount of ethanol that can be blended into gasoline from

10% to 15%. The comment period for the new rule ran for

30 days and closed on May 21, 2009. EPA’s decision on the

new rule is not expected until December 2009.

This regulation may or may not include all vehicles

(so called flex-fuel vehicles vs. non flex-fuel vehicles)

but it is under consideration and that translates into

a possibility. Think about it.



89 White/Blue

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But does 10% ethanol translate to over a 10% drop in MPG ? If so the result would be using more net gasoline & we should pay them not to add ethanol.

Either that or we need new PROM maps to run efficiently on the blend. Either way it is a PBI.

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Interesting read: on effect of E10. I wonder - if it burns slower then you need more advance to hit the "sweet spot" and the PROM is not designed to give more advance on our cars.

If this were so then a car designed to run on premium would have less of a drop on E10 than a car designed for 87 PON like the Reatta.

Now with a distributer, you could just bump the timing a few degrees but not with digital, you would need to change the crank sensor timing. Wonder if there could be a 3-4 degree advance crank balancer key ? Know they have cam keys.

ps a retarded engine also runs hotter.

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We will also be paying more because of using Ethanol in our cars each time we go to the grocery store and buy food items that contain corn. As the corn demand for producing Ethanol goes up so will the price of corn.

There is a plant near where I live that was originally built 30 years to produce corn syrup and some Ethanol from the waste. Now about 25% of the corn is used to produce syrup and the rest is used to produce Ethanol. The waste is used to produce hog feed.

Using Ethanol is a good way to help cut back on imported oil but it results in a higher cost at the pump, an extra cost due to lost fuel mileage, plus a higher cost at the grocery store... a hidden cost not normally factored into the price of fuel to operate our cars.

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