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So I took some measurements for a tire cover and then did a detail drawing. I am soliciting comments on design or ideas on how to improve this. I will make a 'sample' out of cheap fabric before I go to a shop to have this professionally made. Be happy to share the PDF with anyone who wants it - but I think you may might want to wait until I complete my sample and 'tweak' the design.

Any initial comments? I am mainly concerned with the slots on the backside to allow the cover to be slipped on and the general width - I don't want it to tight. but it does need to be snug....

I am also doing a drawing of the top cover (when irons folded up) and the front header bow.


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Here is a pic from the Tacoma DB Meet that has Frank's 22 roadster with the tire cover. Note the upper side has "Dependable Dodge" on it and the center hole has a "flat" on it for the lettering.


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Yes, it is 34" diameter. I have 33 X 4.5" tires.

that was just a screen shot of the drawing. I am adding more detail (seams and extra material lines for fabrication) to these drawings.

Be happy to send on the PDF files if you want to see it full scale.


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Apparently car tire covers were all the rage in California in the late 20s early 30s.

It started when oil companies offered them (with their logo displayed). Possibly as a premium if you bought a certain amount of gas and oil. Or maybe at a special price from their filling stations.

Sporty types bought tire covers with hula girls and snappy slogans painted on them. I got this info from the memoirs of an old time cartoonist, Chuck Jones or one of his contemporaries. He picked up pocket money painting the tire covers as a school boy.

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Just an update if anyone was curious.

Here is the 'template' that was made from 'duck cloth'. Just came out of the dryer and it shrank just enough to really fit snug. I may just go with this as I like the look.

Many thanks for the 'panel' idea. I will get the club name stitched on later.



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