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Lincoln Meet in Shipshewanna

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Bob Mead has a Picasa photo album of the GOF XLI at Latham NY last month at:


Bob has some good shots there. If you click on the “download” option you get the full size image which is very large and in hi resolution.

Interesting photos of the home-made dual intake manifold on a ’41 Zephyr and the linkage and fuel distribution setup to make it work.

Also, of considerable interest is the 1940 Continental with 1939 Zephyr headlights. I gotta wonder why he did that – those old bulb headlights don’t provide enough light for confident night driving. I suspect that it would have taken some body work to make them fit, but it certainly looks different!

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Nice pictures. The first picture in the last row is my '48 Continental with my wife and I inside trying to keep warm and dry. The car actually looks good, but then my kids tell me it's a good distance car. We had a good time despite the weather and the arena where it was held was something right out of the 50's. We plan to go back sometime and stay overnight and try some roller skating. George.

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