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Help ID Mystery GM Lenses


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I found some older NOS GM lenses that I could use some help identifying.

1) Is rectangular clear plastic, GUIDE # 13SAEDP69

2) is rectangular amber plastic, GUIDE # 11SAEDP68

3) is round clear glass, # 5945736 on it and the box

4) is a pair of round clear glass, #5964535 and GR. 2.697 on the box

5) is a smaller amber plastic lens & white plastic housing combination (side marker looking thing), # G13SAEP169 and a smaller sized # 5960385 on the lens with GUIDE AND # 5960369 on the base.

6) is a round red plastic 'bullet' # GUIDE R1-56 on the outside surface near the point and # 5947151 on the lower 'flat' housing mating surface.

Thanks in advance to anyone and/or everyone!

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#1 and #5 are from a 1969 Chevelle.

#2 is from a 1968 Nova.

#3 is a 1955-1956 Pontiac back up light lens (except station wagon).

#4 is a back-up light lens for a 1960-1966 Chevy Suburban & panel truck.

#6 is from a 1956 Chevy, but the number (5947151) appears to be incorrect. It could be from a car or truck.

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