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Mopar Oil Filter Decal?

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Can anyone identify the year this oil filter was made?

The decal is not as any I have seen advertised for sale.

I purchased this NOS filter on Ebay and it came with a new decal BUT the decal is not like this one.

I would like to get one if I can find it

Thank You,




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Guest DougD


I can't tell you the year of your filter, but this may help narrow it down:

My 1940 Chrysler C-27 used the same sealed oil filter shown in your attachment. The instruction manual for that car recommends changing the filter at 8000 mile intervals.

A picture of the 1939 oil filter, from the owner's manual is available here:


As you will note, the 1939 decals are different from either of yours.

The post-war (46-48) Chryslers use a different type of oil filter, one that has a replaceable element.


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