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'89 Coupe in Portland OR Craigslist - $995

Guest KingsleyIII

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Guest KingsleyIII

Red/tan with sunroof and 16 way seats,127K. Donor car - Portland Rescue Mission - Car Fax has some inconsistencies and "Jim" says car looks like grandpa/grandma owned it and gave it to wild nephew. Aftermarket rims, needs motor mount, touch screen inconsistent, heavy smoker - some minor burns - drive seat sits back like a heavyweight drove it - very good tires -needs TLC. Jim seems to be a straight shooter (ex car collector) I sense a bit of negotiating room. I now have no interest and am passing on it even after negotiating downward. Odometer reading does not jell. CarFax - "Title Problems" alert Salvage/Junk/Rebuilt.

Initially hesitant about even reporting but overall better done than not for everyone's benefit.



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