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I have never owned a V-12 Continental but I always wanted one.

I was reading a post on here the other day and it mentioned a post war Zephyr convertible. I got to thinking and I don't believe that I have ever seen a 46-48 Zephyr. Do they exist?

What is the difference between it and the Continental?

I have always heard about engine problems with these V-12's.

Is there anything significant to look out for?

Many Thanks

Dennis Long

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Guest imported_V12Bill

Yes, 1946 to 1948 Zephyr convertibles do exist. 1241 convertible Zephyrs were made post war and probably only 100 or so exist today. Like most convertibles of the era, when the roof leaked the floor rusted and the interior got that musty smell that relagated the car to the back row of most used car lots. If it didn't sell, it was sold for scrape.

The Continental on the other hand was a beautifully styled car and many were refitted with V 8 engines and stayed in demand up into the 60's and 70's when they got restored and pampered. Alas for the lowly Zephyr which ended up as a pile of rust or melted down and reborn as a Toyota or other rice burner.

The most distingishing styling point on the Continental is the outside spare tire. Most body panels are unique to the Continental or are modified Zephyr parts. The bumpers and grille are the same with some rear bumper modifications and the dash instrumesnts are the same, but mounted in different dash panels.

I own a 1948 Zephyr convertible that was in very bad condition when I found it and have never seen another at any local shows that I attend. I have seen two others at Zephyr GOF shows.

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The confusion may have to do with nomenclature. There were no postwar cars with the name Zephyr on their badges. The "plain jane" Lincolns were badged as Lincolns. But in the Zephyr club, we consider all cars built on the HV-12 chassis to be part of the Lincoln-Zephyr "family." Thus, although there were officially no postwar Zephyrs, we continue to call the Lincolns built in 46-47-48 "Zephyrs."

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These are essntially the same car, different body. They earned a bad rap for engine problems, kinda like some modern cars...gm 4.1 caddy or quad 4 2.3. Great engines that must be replaced or rebuilt carefully to achieve success.

A great touring car, small smooth engine, overdrive..power windows..15 inch tires..This is an ideal touring car..if restored ..or it can be an oil belching noisey pos if falling into the wrong hands...

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