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Bought a '29 President axle for the Indy car, brakes for sale

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[Edited: the axle was from a 1929 President FH, serial number 7028315]

I found a 1929 President axle with wood wheels and rod actuated 15" brakes. While I want the axle for the Indy car project, I don't need the brakes. One side came apart easily, looks very good, little rust for a 71 year old assembly. The other side had the shoes rusted to the drum and frozen up internally, but I got it apart without having to damage anything major. The demountable rims are trash, but the rest is usable. Anyone interested in the drums, backing plates, shoes, etc? They are HEAVY! I'm 50 miles south of Boston near Providence, RI.



Anyone have some front hubs for wire wheels or disk wheels for a <span style="text-decoration: underline">1929-30</span> President?

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Guest 1928DictatorGE

I might be. I just need to determine if this is the same size as the drums on my '28 Dictator. I'll advise soon. Thanks! Keith

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Guest stude8

I was just looking at the interchangability and my 1928 FA-FB catalog says front shoe set (3 shoe system) number is <span style="font-weight: bold">150988</span> and the 1929 FE-FH book says front shoe set (3 shoe system) is <span style="font-weight: bold">158203</span>. Something is differant but they look to be similar.

The backing plates would be differant due to early Perrott cam action versus later cam and lever action.

What a 6 cylinder chassis used I can't tell, don't have a 6 cyl chassis book for that era.

Attached is a photo of my 1928 Commander Big Six right front shoes for comparison.



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