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F/S: 1963 Cadillac Miller Meteor Duplex Hearse/Ambulance

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I have a rare 1963 Cadillac “combination” hearse made by the Miller Meteor coach company. The coach is located in Brooklyn, New York and the price is $6660.00

This Bad Caddy was used, in it’s day, as both a Hearse and an Ambulance. In fact the car comes with two pop-up rear attendant jump seats, a top rotating beacon light (WHICH IS INCLUDED!!!) a very loud siren and side spotlights. In addition, there are panels in the back that flip from rollers, for a coffin, to a flat side for a gurney.

The hearse runs decent but will eventually need some work (hey it is 46 years old.) The coach has 48,900 miles on it. The engine is a Cadillac 390 with a 4-speed transmission. The ride is smooth and stable, which is amazing for a car that is 21 feet long, 7 feet wide and weights more than 3 tons!

The hearse is a blue metallic color and has been painted a few times. There is some blistering around the bottom of the doors, around the front headlights and in the leading front edge of the hood from poor previous paint prep. There is a round black circle on the roof where the “beacon light” used to be.

There is some rust on the bottom of the doors and some edges in the rear but nothing too extensive. The grille has a piece that was knocked out, but I have the piece and it can be re-inserted. The only major body issue is a tin plate mounted on the front drivers seat floor where the bottom has rusted out.

Exterior chrome looks good, but is not perfect. Lower portion of the front bumper has been painted to match the body color. Rear bumper chrome has scratches from loading, and one small spot peeled down to the nickel plating. Side moldings are in good shape but are attached with small flat-head stainless steel screws. The hearse has two spotlights mounted on each side of the windshield, only one of which works. There are extra parts (grille, headlight bezels, and molding, lenses) that are included with the vehicle.

All the glass is very good, with no bubbling or fogging at the edges. The windshield does have a small gravel chip in the center, just below the interior rear view mirror.

The front interior is in good condition and the rear in very good condition. There are some spots where the stitching has split and a 3” long tear on the driver’s side. Front headliner is in decent shape, but the stitching on the zipper to access the roof light has come loose on one side. The rear headliner is in very good condition with no issues. Also, there are light blue drapes installed that are in fine condition.

All in all a great fun classic car with a ton of potential!

Please send email for photos.

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Guest CountBrammer3

hey, i was wondering if you sold the Ambulance /hearse.

it sounds like it is / was similar to mine. i have to sell it and wondered what info and stastics you might be willing to share.

give me a shout if you can



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