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Zephyr dashboard knobs

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Hello. I'm redoing my dash knobs for my '41 and need a little info. My knobs are tan. The letters on the knobs (L,H,S, C, T, D and HOOD), were they originally painted or just debossed and the color of the plastic? If painted, what color?

Also, Were to knobs on the '46-"48 the same transparent red as the steering wheel. Were the letters painted? And...I've seen light yellow door buttons and knobs...what year did they belong too.

Thanks, in a few days I'll post some pictures of my efforts.


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Guest imported_V12Bill

46 - 48 knobs were same color as steering wheel but not as translucent. The ivory knobs that you saw were probable for a 1942. They are the same size and shape as the post war but ivory in color.

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