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My two Rivieras


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Hi everyone, just found the forum and thought I might share some photos of my Rivs.

The first, Miss Daisy, is a Verde Green over Osage Cream 53 Super. She has 62,000 miles and most of the paint and interior are original. I purchased her in Seattle in 2007 and shipped her to Australia. She drives beautifully and is quite a head turner over here.

The second is my most recent purchase, a 1965 in Midnight Aqua with white trim. She has 38,000 miles from new with original paint and trim and is on her way here from California.






I hope you like them.



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Exactly what the Me and My Buick Forum is about - is sharing cars that might otherwise not be adnired by Buick fans.

Both cars have their specific fan clubs on here. I like the 53. The color combination is just starting to hint at 50's decadence while still reflecting Buick conservatism.

Also the 53 dash and it's integration into the interior door panels was very niely executed.

You 65 Riviera has a great oft seen color combination. Verde Green over white interior. I'm a huge fan of dark green paint.

Thanks for sharing.

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Hi SBRMD, yes it is. As I said in the post, the roof of the 53 is Verde Green, the 65 is Midnight Aqua.

Incidently, the Verde Green on the roof is original - but thin. I haven't seen a metallic this old survive in good condition before. What is interesting - at least to me ;) - is that, unlike modern metallics and pearls, the metal particles in the paint are very fine, in fact until you get close its not obvious its a metallic at all. The silver on the lower dash is the same, perhaps even finer again.

I'm guessing it might be difficult to replicate these very fine finishes?


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