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Headers to 66 Wildcat ??


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I think you have to have them made special, the only one I know that has them is Wild Bill Burton of Kokomo, IN, I think Headers by Ed did them for him, email me for his phone number, as he is not available on this computer stuff yet, we will shame him into it eventually, I hope!<P>------------------<BR>Roberta<BR>BCA TREASURER 2000-2001<BR>BCA PRESIDENT 1998-2000<BR>BCA VICE PRESIDENT 1997-1998<BR>WEBMASTER<BR>Director-Michigan Chapter- Gran Sport Club of America 1989-Present<BR>http://www.geocities.com/buickracer<BR>1956 Special 2 door Sedan<BR>1966 Wildcats<BR>1968 GS-400 Convertible 4-speed<BR>1970 GSX Stage 1<BR>1970 Skylark Racecar - 11.26, 118 MPH, 7/22/00<BR>1986 GN, 4800 miles

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