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64 1/2 Mustang Interior Paint and Carpet

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Does anyone have any good shots of how the paint and carpet is finished along the door sills on an early 65?

I had the car Redi-Stripped a LONG time ago, and I need to see where the wimbldon white exterior paint ends and the palomino interior paint starts. The car was in mostly primer before stripping so I didn't have any good guide to go by in the first place.

I also understand early 65's had a different way of laying the carpet, so any pix of that area would be greatly appreciated.

If there is an early 65 in south central PA that someone would let me photograph, that would be great as well.

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The thing I am having problem with is that I understand that on 64 1/2s there was a vinyl piece that went under the door sill to the floor where the carpet started.

I'm unsure if the vinyl was attached to the carpet or just to the floor.

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Guest bossmustang


Contact Fred Glazier at Glazier's Mustang Barn in Souderton, PA

He is the orginal owner of a '64 1/2 and I'm sure that he'll be glad to help you. 215-723-9674


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