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Hello all, I recently picked up a reissue of an old Lindberg kit of a Stutz racer. It looks to be a 1914/15 in the style of a rally racer. It is not the indy racer as the chassis is longer, about the size of a Bearcat. The vehicle is right hand drive. The fuel cell has only one cap and is held in place by brass straps. Its livery is red with the number 27. Whether this is a fictional livery or not, I am not sure.

There a a few things I was hoping I could get answered from the resident experts.

1) Pictures of the full engine bay from multiple angles would be very helpful. This is a larger scale kit, 1/16, and I have alot of room to add details. Pictures of the chassis underside would be great as well.

2) Where does the intake manifold route to?

3) How fine is the radiator grill mesh? what does the backside of the radiator look like?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. There are not really alot of kits on this subject matter, so it is difficult to see what people have done before me.

Thank again



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