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1931 Packard Gutter and Roof moldings

Tom M

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I have this posted in Packard forum also but not sure it you all read them threads. I apologize for double posting but I am eager to get something purchase before next week.

I will be at the point of painting the body next week. I want to order these parts but I want to make sure I am ordering the right ones.

Roof Molding is this the correct one?

Roof Material Which one?

Rain Gutter is this the correct one? This one is different then the one I took off car. The one that came off my car is similar to the roof one "only one piece" with u-shape for gutter and the little thingy that folds over to hide the nails.

I called LeBaron Bonney for help and she said they don't specialize in Packards cry.gif

Will the above items work for me or do I need to go else were? If so where have you all purchase these items?

Thanks for the help

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Guest Goetz John

Hi Tom, I'm new to This Forum I have seen your restoration project and I'm going through the same problems, did you find the material for the roof, and the mldg.

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Guest martylum

Tom-I found that one of LeBaron Bonney's rain gutter materials had exactly the same pattern as the 29 Desoto body I was restoring. Ask LeBaron to send you a small sample. In order to get the length I welded 2 shorter sections of LeBaron gutter together.

Martin Lum

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