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Help with my VIN (fairlane fordor victoria 1956)

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Beautiful car, although it doesn't look anything like it did when it was built.


A6ET212418 =

A= 223 I6 Engine (somone has changed it to a V-8, probably a 292 with G heads which has large 1.92" intake valves).

6= 1956

E=Mahwah (NJ) Assmbly Plant

T= Fairlane Fordor Sedan

212418= VIN


73C-AE2-L-31E-642 =

73C= Fairlane Town Sedan

AE2= Raven Black (lower body) Colonial White (upper body) w/variation

L= Dark Gray & Meduim Gray Cloth trim

31E= Production code of May 31, 1956 (scheduled build date)

642 (these may be production rotation numbers for the plant. I need to see a picture of your plate, to be sure.)

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