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53 Super master cylinder question

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hi, brand new member. Have a 53 Super, Dynaflow with manual brakes. Has been in our family since '75. Removed the master cylinder yesterday to diagnose disappearing brake fluid (wheels are dry, must be the master cylinder, which does show some wet areas). Bore is pretty good, but some small pitting/wear areas. Wondering who might do re-boring and sleeve job, and what it would cost? Or, are NOS units still available out there? It would probably work ok with a simple rebuild kit, but I plan to keep this car in the family for many years to come, and might as well do it right.


Barry in St.Paul, MN

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Try BRAKE & EQUIPMENT WAREHOUSE in Nordeast Minneapolis....455 Harrison Street N.E.....612.378.3141.

I'm sure that they got everything you might be looking for. I've used them several times.

Al Mack


"If the top don't drop.....it's just a parts car!"

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