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F/S: ANOTHER '39 Buick Rear Gravel Shield


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Right now, I have two '39 Buick rear gravel shields posted for sale in separate ads. This one is not as sharp as the other (but is priced considerabley less). This is a original rear gravel guard for 1939 Buick Special and Century. However, it will need some work before you can mount it. This gravel shield fits all body types of 40 and 60 series '39 Buicks. This is the gravel shield that goes between the rear of the body and the rear bumper. It is missing on many '39 Buicks. It prevents damage to your car's trunk paint caused by rocks being thrown up by the rear tires.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this particular rear gravel guard needs some work. it has a number of dents that need straightening. Also, one of the mounting brackets has been pop-riveted on. That should be changed to regain the original appearance. And finally, the left and right pieces will need to be spot welded, wire feed welded, or brazed together to restore the guard to its original configuration. The price for this guard is just $85, plus shipping. I'm happy to ship anywhere, including internationally. Email or PM me for more detailed photos. Thanks, John in Wisconsin


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Interesting the pressed pattern on this is different to the other you have for sale. Most I have seen are the as pattern above

The 1928-41 Part book does show an image with the X pattern but not clear which year.

Group 7.833 part 1314543 for 1939 &40 40-60 & 1940 59

Buick may have changed the pressing at some time

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