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HELP - Does anyone have a manifold T-fitting for a '60 401?


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I am looking for the brass (?)vacuum T-fitting that screws into the intake manifold just ahead of the carb on a 1960 401. This fitting accepts the larger screw-in fitting from the power brake booster pipe, plus has a smaller nipple to accept the distributor vacuum advance rubber tube. GM part No. 1195301 but will accept a generic. Would a generic be commonly available? Any help gladly appreciated to get the old girl back on the road!


Jan Zverina


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Thanks for the response, 40series. The fitting split at its base, where it threads into the manifold. I managed to use a very short piece of 1/4 inch brake pipe as an inner sleeve, so I am back in business. I also mistakenly said it connects to the rubber hose from the distributor vacuum advance, but the tube actually comes from the vacuum oil switch near the temp sensor.

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