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Morris J2 Panel Van parts/help needed

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I recently acquired a Morris J2 Panel van and am looking to find anyone who may have parts. I am not sure of the year though someone said the VIN number places it roughly around 1964. I am looking for any info on verifying the exact year and perhaps anything else on this van.

The guy I got it from said he bought it from a local junk yard in Kansas to keep it from going to the crusher. Overall it is in decent shape, not much rust & fairly complete. I've been told the motors in these were the same as MG's & Austins so perhaps someone knows of an MG dealer? Right now I would like to find a shop manual, ignition switch w/ key, spark plugs, oil filter & anything else I might need to get this running again. Brake shoes, etc. I'm sure will come later though I would also like to find someone who might have window & door seals. Anyway let me know if you have any ideas!!! Thanks!!!



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Thanks for saving the old bus. It looks beautiful the way it is. If I owned it and the climate wasn't so damp over here I'd keep it as it is and slap a little V6 or V8 in. Please don't junk or break it for spares. Keep everyone updated. You probably seen this link

File:Morris J2 van mfd 1957 1489cc police livery.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

This link will die soon,but I just missed buying this on greedbay:

1960 AUSTIN J2 VAN CREAM, ONE YEARS TAX AND TEST on eBay (end time 30-Nov-09 12:15:00 GMT)

A few other sites I keep looking at:

Buy Classic Cars For Sale, used classic car classifieds for car dealers and traders

Commercial Vehicles for Sale on Car and Classic UK. Vintage/Veteran/Retro/Old/New/Used

Austin Rover Online

There is a mag over here (UK) called classic van and pickup:

Classic Van Magazine

Get an ad in for your parts and better still write them a story, you have been lumped with a precious heap of British heritage.

Also there is a massive distribution of Classic Car Weekly:

Classic Cars for Sale | Classic Car Parts | Classic Car Weekly

Good luck.

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