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1963 98 Custom Sport Coupe

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Would anyone with interest in this please private message me.

I have a 1963 Olds 98, 2 door sport coupe, 394 High Compression Starfire, bucket seats, floor shift, sitting in storage. "Good" condition. Has not been driven in 20 years but has been in clean dry storage and started up every year. It is an "older" restoration (20 years ago paint). Have good PA title.

Within the next 2 weeks, I plan to take it to a garage to have brakes, hoses, tires replaced. Then it will probably go to Manheim Auction. Comments? Advice?

I do have a certified appraisal ($11,000) and just checked Manheim Gold Value Guide ($14,300) so I have a ballpark estimate of value but I also realize that I need to put money into it to get those values. Should I spend the money or sell AS-IS?

Vern Adams

Delmont, PA (just outside Pittsburgh)

Cellular: 412-551-6524

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I think you'll get more for it with good brakes and tires than you will without.

I think most folks looking at spending over $10k for a vehicle like them to go and stop on their own.


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Anyone interested in the 1963 Sport Coupe, this summer I rebuilt carb, had tranny pulled and seals replaced, PA state inspection, new tires, battery. Going to have generator rebuilt this week. It is very good condition, professionally repainted in 1989. Only has 18350 original miles. Been in storage for 20 and it's about to go back into that dark cave. Will provide more info on request. There are pictures posted here somewhere, probably back in early summer. Appraisal then was $11,000. Will take much less to move it now.

Vern Adams


Location is Western PA

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