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88 Anti-Theft?

Guest Sandy88

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Guest Sandy88

I have window stickers indicating an anti theft system is installed but haven't noticed anything suggesting its working. Is there one? Is it unplugged or disabled?

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First off, nice looking car. That's my second favorite color combo after white over flame red (1991 only interior color - much brighter than the burgundy).

AFAIK 1988 had an anti-theft that was set by the power lock button on exit from the car, and disarmed by unlocking the door with the key. Since there was no keyless entry on the 88 models, this was the only way to arm/disarm the system.

Try this: lower the driver side window, lock the car with the power lock button. The amber colored "security" light on the IPC next to the "TEST" button should light up steady (not blinking). Close the door, then reach through the window, unlock manually (with the slide actuator, not the power lock button) and open the door from the inside.

Doing this should cause the horn to honk and the lights to blink. Using the door key to turn the driver side lock to the unlock position should stop the racket and disarm the alarm. Best to do this someplace you aren't worried about drawing undue attention or bothering people nearby.

You may want the hood open and be prepared to pull the negative battery cable just in case it won't disarm due to some malfunction.

If this test procedure doesn't work, then the alarm isn't setting, or is not working correctly for some other reason.


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