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FS - 1930 Marquette Phaeton 35

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Here are some pictures of the Marquette. The car is compete, and only has rust in the common areas such as the running boards. The car comes with an extra set of wire wheels, extra grille(the one in the pictures is the better of the two), and an extra steering wheel. This is a great candidate for a nice restoration. kittenscarandranch005_edited.jpgkittenscarandranch006_edited.jpgkittenscarandranch007_edited.jpgkittenscarandranch008_edited.jpgkittenscarandranch009_edited.jpgkittenscarandranch010_edited.jpgkittenscarandranch011_edited.jpgkittenscarandranch012_edited.jpgkittenscarandranch013_edited.jpgkittenscarandranch014_edited.jpg

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Hi- I'd say that the rear fenders are not bolted down, and are rotated too far past the rear of the running board. Also, the body may not be bolted down. Look at the attached picture of a Marquette sedan, note how close the front of the rear wheel tire is to the fender.


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ken bogren</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Here's a 1930 Marquette 2 door sedan for a comparison of the wheel placement. Scroll down the page to the side view of the car.

http://www.countryclassiccars.com/spcars_2.htm </div></div>

That black car is about the same height as the phaeton, but those wheels are more centered in the rear fender as they should be.

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Yes I agree the rear end should more centered than on this 30-35 Phaeton but it is a very interesting car non the less. Actually I have seen a number of Marquette's being high in the air and very close to the front of the rear fenders.

As soon as I can dig some photos up from my external hard drive I will post a few!

The Black 2 dr sedan is a fairly low mileage car that I believe is still available and with all that is original on that car it would make a great study on correct items such as the interior. The original green body paint is starting to show where it was repainted black and I am fairly sure that the original paint striping is probably hiding under all that black paint as well!

This model 30-35 Phaeton would be considered to be a late version with the chrome trim ring around the instruments on the dash.

07' I would be interested in additional information on this car if you could contact me off list so I can add correct information to my Registry!


Always great to hear any and all information on Marquette's out there!

Yours in Marquette's

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I have looked at the car, and part of the reason that the wheels are not centered is that the fenders are loosely bolted in place for the photos. The body is bolted down, and has not been taken off in some time if ever. The rear end is also in the factory location. The car does sit high in the back, but the car has no gas in the tank, and the convertible top has no fabric on it, so some of that weight will lower the car in the back. As you can see from previous replies, Marquettes have a tendency to sit high in the back, and have the wheels close to the front of the fender, so this car is not uncommon. Also, someone asked if the car has the spare tire mounts, and it does, they are in a box in the front seat. The car is complete and all parts are either on or with the car.

Thanks, 07Buick

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