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'50 Front Suspension rebuild, - he's a shaker


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It seems I need to work on the suspension of 'Yoda'. OK, rebuilt is a better world. Whenever, I hit a bump it's a shaky experience. I'm wondering, short of front wheel bearings, what could be the culprit for these shakes over bumps? I guess I should just change everything, but is a there a most likely candidate for this?

As far as king pins, do I need to take the knuckles to a machine shop for the bushings? I assume there's a reaming component here?

Also, whenever I go over a speed bump I get some good creaking sounds. He's got lots of lube so I'm wondering what may be the cause of those creaking sounds. By the way, the shocks do not leak.

Thanks for any help!


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You will need to jack up the front end and do a search for "play" or slop. Use a Long screwdriver or bar and try to move things and see what wiggles. Grab the top and bottom of the tire and try moving it in and out. Movement here can be king pins or wheel bearings. Look at the upper outer, lower outer and lower inner pivots and try to find some play there. It does not take much to be a problem. Also while its up shake the tire front to back to check the tie rod ends for play or set it back on the ground and see how much play the steering wheel has and where it is coming from.

The king pin bushings are in the spindles and not the knuckle supports so you can leave the supports in place for re-newing the king pins.


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Good Morning Gary: It is difficult to pinpoint problems based on descriptions, even if perfect. It can often be so many things. However, your description reminds me of a similar problem I had with a daily driver many years ago. It shook as you describe, especially on sharp exit ramps at speed, and after several trips to the fix-it shop it was found that the one of the A-frames was actually loose. Several of the bolts holding the A-frame to the large front cross brace were loose and this caused the shaking. Of course, this could have had a terrible result if I had not persisted in locating the problem. My suggestion is to first simply crawl under the front and using a wrench test each of the bolts holding each A-frame to the large cross brace to see if they are actually tight. You might be surprised. Post your ultimate solution so we all know the answer. Thanks, Patrick W. Brooks

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