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Tech question on 1924 steering box.


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My 1924 dodge 4 door open car sways (both to the left and to the right when driving down the road. It gets scary when driving over 25 mph. The previous owner did put a Romar 3.5 rear gear on this car about 20 years ago so the car can go scary fast.

I jacked up each front wheel. There was no up down movement (top to bottom ) indicating the kings pins are probably Ok and there is no wiggle (side to side) indicating the linkage is probably OK

The steering box originally had a large amount of play (4 to 5" inches turning the steering wheel before the drive wheels responded. I took out the play so that it is about 1 to 2" before the drive wheel respond.

I believe this sway problem is a steering box issue but would like to ask any Dodge Brothers members who work on their own cars what they think about this. My 1920 Dodge Roadster steers very straight and does not have this sway problem

Thank You

Art Lee

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