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Did anyone go to this auction?

Guest adam_knox

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Guest VeloMan

Some nice cars at this sale. The results are here: Auction Results

1923 Packard 2-Door Coupe: $6200

1924 Franklin 2-Door Coupe $7000

1918 Dodge Roadster $8000

+ a number of others.


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Guest Xprefix28truck

If you look at the sales results you will see on page 8 and 9 that all the lights were passed on. I wonder why? Since everything else sold, do you think these were reserved?

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From the sale results it is obvious few people went to the auction.

There were tons of bargains here. It is true that virtually no one is restoring rust anymore. I know in two of these project car auctions in the past two years, that crushers placed a low bid on the cars and that is where bidding started. ($150-$200 per car)

Now here you have a lot of 2 door models, and not just Fords and Chevys but Cadillacs, Kaisers, Buicks, Nash etc going for $150????? or $10???

A person could have purchased 2-4 projects here for $500 that would have kept them busy for years, enjoying the restoration part of the old car hobby OR buy a car for $100 and part them out for $1200 to $2500.

As for the complete 20's cars that went for $5000 and up, these are basically unobtainium in the market at any price so if you are a fan you pay the price - still not horribly unreasonable.

In the "right" setting you could double or triple your price for some of these cars, so they sold below market probably as well.

Gosh that would have been a fun auction just to be able to walk around those old cars and be involved in the bidding. Had I been there, I certainly would have purchased 2 cars.

There are a few senior bodied Cadillacs there - and how about the 41 Cadillacs that sold for under $1000. I saw I thinka 39 Cadillac 75 series that I would have loved to have - went for $750 or so.

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