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1935-36 3-Window Coupe wanted for Concours Nomination

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The Meadow Brook Concours is looking for a 1935-36 Ford DeLuxe 3-window coupe to include in a Concours display of 1930s streamlined "swoopy coupes." The Concours will be held Sunday, August 2 at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, Michigan. (See www.meadowbrookconcours.org for additional details.) Meadow Brook is one of top ranked Concours nationally and is a wonderful experience for exhibitors. Cars are shown by invitation only. There is no charge to the owner for exhibiting. If you have, or know of, a suitable, exceptionally fine 1935 or 1936 DeLuxe 3-window that could be shown in Michigan on August 2, please nominate it for the event by emailing me with some details of the car...color, equipment, date of restoration, show history, etc. A digital photo or two would be most helpful. Nominations will be reviewed by the Concours selection committee on June 2.

Please respond to tsboyce@wowway.com

Thank you.

Terry Boyce

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For our purposes, its a 1935-1940s 3-window coupe with a roofline that more or less flows into the rear deck. Some examples include:

1935-36 Ford Deluxe 3-window

1934-37 Hupmobile Aerodyanmic 3-window

1937-41 Lincoln-Zephyr 3-window

1935-36 Pontiac, Olds, Buick ('36 only) 3-windows

1934-36 LaSalle; 1936 Cadillac 3-windows

1941-42 Willys Americar 3-window

1936-37 Studebaker 3-window

Thanks for asking!

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