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How do I acess the power seat switches


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Guest My TC Toy

This is going to be fun! WE can enjoy your misfortune because most of us had to suffer through the same problem.

Here we go. Remove the trim and floor bolts fron the front left seat. Now tip up the seat and disconnect the wiring. Remove the front side filler panels from the console to the floor. At this point I managed to remove the screws holding down the console, there are two under the ash tray, two through the bottom of the arm rest storage compartment and, if memory serves two more on either side of the console. Carefully remove the selector indicator wire, DO NOT STRETCH. IT may be just as easy to remove the drivers seat but I managed to get at the problem without doing this, but when I think back it may have been easier to remove the other seat.

There are numerous cable ties tying all the cables to everything down there. Be sure to cut them all. Once done the console should lift up high enough to get at the switches.

I repaired my switches by drilling up through the damaged nipples that used to hold the screws up through the face of the panel. I secured the switches using small diameter countersunk screws and a spacer (for positioning) between the switches and the console. I slipped on small fender clips over the ends of the switches and secured in place. A few minutes mixing up paint and the heads of the screws disappeared. I defy them to come loose again.

Now, wasn't that fun. Reverse everything to reinstall.

Good Luck. Let us know how you get on.

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If it wasn't for all the wires and the PRND21 indicator cable you could drill out the rivets below the ash tray and remove the console cover. But basically you can't go in that way. Which seat you choose to remove might depend on which switch you are repairing. Left vs. Right for all items in a car is determined from sitting in the drivers seat and facing forward. One of the TC project engineers told us that the original screws were to short. On several of mine I have located longer screws of the same size and thread (just short enough so they won't poke through the face plate) then cut off the bad section of the mounts and use a spacer to obtain the correct position for the switch. If you can work in tight spaces by feel instead of sight using a right angle screwdriver you don't have to take quite as much apart, but at least one seat needs to be removed. If not you might want to remove both seats. Be careful not to scratch the plastic rocker moldings with the seat brackets or bottoms. Also watch out for the gooey foam inside the console area. This is not a 20 minute job, especially the first time.

-Rich Lane

TC America #1979

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I've grabbed a couple of switch plugs with 12" or so of wires on them from J-yard TC's. One of theses days I'm gonna splice them on so there is *plenty* of wire length and not such a struggle to fix the switches to the console them screw the whole assembly down...


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