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Too early to plan for Macungie?

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The last few years the local Dodge Brothers Club members have gotten together the Friday before Macungie, Pa. show. This year we plan to go to the Mercer museum and house in Doylestown. Earl is organizeing this one, I can give contact info to anyone that needs it. We will meet at the Mercer Museum at 9:30 Friday July 31. After lunch we go to the house, then the tile works. Henry Mercer was a very insightful industrialist. He bought entire collections of tools from various trades and built his own museum to show them. The whole building and his house is built from solid concrete, including the roof. Check out www.mercermuseum.org for info. I've been to the museum, can't wait to go back. There's tools from anything from comb making to whaleing. You don't HAVE to be a DBC member to go with us, just to get away from us! Just show up.

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Done. You retired guys always cry about $$. Anyone that hasn't witnessed Macungie SHOULD. I will look up what the feature car is, I don't know right now. The feature always brings in cars that no one has seen before, pretty amazing. If it drives it's allowed on the showfield. So you will see cars that have most of the paint rubbed off, original owner, never off the farm sitting beside a multi digit restoration, both owners just as proud! It's my favorite show, and I go to a lot of car shows.

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Hi guys,

I won't be there after all.

The Best Western in Allentown first said I could park my trailer and tow veh. in their lot.

when I came back from OR. I called them Mon. to confirm they said no way. they need every spot. I was pissed. I tried other places but no luck, all booked up because of the show.

I'm writing a letter to Best Western about the place in Allentown, not that it would do any good. I'm out $26 bucks for pre-registration.

Hope you guys have a good time.

Joe C.

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