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Has anyone been to the Barrie Ontario flea mkt?

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Last time I personally was there was about 8 years ago. It is a large meet that took me about two full days of constantly being on the move to go through everything including the car coral. What I have heard a few say that still go is there is a bit more clothing and some glass ware slipping in. Having said that there was a lot of auto variety form antique to aftermarket stuff, tire suppliers, wheels/rims, rod stuff etc. to keep one interested. It is a large meet with vendors from as far away as Quebec hence the variety. They have a large number of the usual food vendors and a beer tent and a primitive camping area with showers available but plan on walking a distance. My personal feeling on swap meets is no matter what the size if I come across something I need or can use it is a good meet and if I find nothing it was still fun to see what is out there and share a good time. I loved Hershey the two times I went but being a 10 hr drive and the US exchange, lodging expense, then Customs and a then young family just had to stick it out locally.

So, if you have never been up this way and enjoy sorting through tables then I'd say plan to come and happy hunting.

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It's big and it's fun but I wouldn't drive 2 days to see it. But then I wouldn't drive 2 days to go to Hershey either.

If the drive bothers you, have you priced a plane ticket to Toronto? The airport is about 1/2 hour from the flea market camp ground and it's a straight shot along a 4 lane hiway.

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I agree with the above poster, it is BIG!

You can spend all day walking around trying to see everything ... so wear something comfortable and see how far your legs can carry you ... crazy.gif

A lot of vendors, but very mixed ...

Can be difficult to find what your looking for if its not the mainstream 50's - 60's - 70's Chev/Ford or muscle cars ...

Too much sneaks in as far as the T-shirts, antiques, jewellery, unrelated items ... IMHO

I'm only 30 minutes away, but have only bothered to go twice in the last 10 years (including last year) ... as I'm mainly looking for 50's Cadillac parts and usually do better on Ebay ...


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