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9C Oil pressure relief


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I have a late 9b that just has the oil pressure relief valve. I took off the plug and found a spring. I could not find anything to adjust My 9 manuals do not show what the pressure relief looks like.

Does anyone have a drawing. picture or know what pieces are involved to adjust the oil pressure I tried the squirt collection instructions (remove the line and collect a set volume of oil) as listed in the manual. I did collect the oil.I can not get the oil gauge to show anything, however. According to the manual, the gauge should read when there is 1 lb of pressure


Art Lee

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I hope these help. If you need more detail, use the part numbers to order the original drawings from Jeff Hasslen. If you want to see anything else, I have the entire Series 9 and 10 parts catalog. I can scan other pages for you.




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Thank You Steve.

From the picture it appears this is just a pressure relief valve to limit oil pump pressure. There does not seem to be any adjustment other than changing the spring. Let me know if this is not correct. The later 9B I know doe not have the needle vale to adjust oil pressure.

I am probably going to bring either this car of the series 145 to the Trek


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