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Have a friend considering this 63 Wildcat, need feedback please!


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Hey Chris,

That is a pretty looking car, but it is WAY overpriced. The nicest 63 I ever saw went for in the $25k range.

This car wouldn't win a Silver in BCA judging as it sits now. Wrong wheels/ tires. Original seats/ trunk material is worn. Incorrect inner fender color with painted fasteners. Wrong battery. Those were just the things that stood out to me. It is a nice cruiser, don't get me wrong, but just be aware of some of the issues once you get past the shiny red paint.

I mistakenly looked at another Wildcat convertible when I was looking for this one. Current bid is under 10 grand at this point. Looks like a better deal to me. Neither has AC so that is a moot point.

Good luck to your friend, I would wait and see, personally.

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