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53 Buick HT Ft Walton and 82 Riv Conv $4200 Atlanta Craigslist


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Not mine, just passing along info, two I'd like to have


This is a 1953 Buick hard top Roller - No Engine - most all chrome, lots of parts. Call 850-428-3701 for further info

Location: Fort Walton Beach


1982 Buick Riviera Convertable

I am not too familiar with this car. It was my fathers car before he past away. I descided to sell it. The odometer shows 40k but I'm sure its more like 140k. I know he spent a lot of money trying to restore this car to car show condition. This is not the only older car he was restoring. There's also a 42' Plymouth I'm gonna sell that he was working with. . . . I know the top was replaced years ago. The motor was rebuilt around that time also. I do not know where the hub caps are. He restored alot of the interior also. Its a good looking car. It runs great. Its a convertable so I'm sure it's fun to drive in the summer time. I don't really know much more about the car, but your welcomed to call and ask questions if you'd like. I'll try my best to answer them. . . . . . . . . . . . .Daniel, (478)-456-8699 - Thanks P.S. no trade offers, please.

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