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What's it worth?

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Interesting question; we don't talk about engines and their value very often in here. Here are some points to consider:

1. What do you need it for? Unfortunately, if you have a good-to-great '59 Vette with no engine, it is almost priceless. This is especially true if the seller KNOWS you have a 'Vette needing an engine. If you have that Vette with a tired engine, you might want to consider offering just below what it would cost to do a complete rebuild on your current engine.

2. You mentioned it is running, but how many miles? Is it smoking? Has it been butchered or modified? Just like a car, an original engine is worth more than a modified one.

3. Can you find a basis upon which you can establish a value? Are there other '59 Vette engines for sale now or within the last year in Hemmings, for example?

4. How 'authentic' do you want your finished car to be, and are you willing and able to pay for that authenticity? Do you just want to go to a car show with a great-looking car, or do you want to go to a show and raise the hood and point to the number on the block?

BTW, a quick check on ebay revealed Corvette engines for anywhere from $625 ('85 complete engine) to $999 (1965 block) to $39,000 (some people should NOT smoke grass while using a computer) so there is a wide (wild?) range of prices out there.

If it were me and I needed THAT engine to finish a GREAT, STUNNING '59 Vette, I would go as high as $5,000. But, that is just one person's opinion; I'm sure more will follow.

Good luck,


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I have a 327 that came out of a 68 Impala that has been rebuilt and is complete to the breather and fan. Came with a 4 barrel and single hump heads, from the factory.

These small blocks are screamers.

I had it in a 59 Biscayne with a Muncie 4 speed one time.

Been pushing it around the garage for about 15 years now and it ain't stuck.

I've been offered 650.00 for it because it cross refrences with Corvette, Nova, Chevelle and Impala.

Have a good friend with a 67 vette with the same heads.

68 was the first year for the larger main crank journals.

Tell ya what. Find a 283 or a COMPLETE 327 for 650.00.

They are getting harder and harder to find just like the 67, 68, 69 Camaros and the 55, 56, 57 Chevrolets that were a dime a dozen one time.

My 2 cents. Keep the change.


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Guest Xprefix28truck


I don't think your going to find your answer here. The answer lies within YOU. An item is only worth, what it is worth to you. This question is posed here many times, in many forms. It can't be answered by anyone but you.

A good example. One of my 5 daughters boyfriends came to the house last night and wanted me to check out the 2004 Mustang he just purchased. He asked me what I though about it. My only reply was, Do YOU like it? He said yes. That's all that matters, I told him.

The point is, It all depends on what it is worth to you. Evryone on this forum, at sometime or another, has probably overpaid for an item. I know I have. BUT I NOW OWN IT NOT SOMEONE ELSE.

I wouldn't have give 500 dollars for the above mentioned Mustang. But he gave a, PAID FOR, 2007 Saturn Ion with 15000 miles, PLUS 2000 cash to get it. So he thought he got a good deal and bought it.

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Guest Xprefix28truck

Another note... It sounds as if you, yourself, don't have a need for this engine. You have never stated that you own a Corvette needing this engine. So I assume your looking at this for an investment. Whenever your looking at something to resell, buy it as cheap as you can, and hope you make money. Again it is only worth what YOU feel it is.

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I agree with the two previous replies and would add one thing. Anything is only worth what someone else will pay for it. Fifteen years ago I paid more for an new old stock radiator cap than my car had cost new. It is the only one (NOS mint in the original GM box) I have seen for sale in 49 years. I paid to much for it but I wanted it and if I ever get my daily driver restored I will have abrand new old stock rad cap to go on it.

I sold a fellow a couple of years ago 12 NOS Ford Model "A" exhaust valves for $10.00. I had them, he needed them and I got enough to buy me a package of pipe tobacco. So we were both satisfied.

Value like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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