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WTB: 1928 Peerless Ammeter

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Mr. Cengiz,

I saw a post of yours on the AACA Discussion Forums two or three years ago. Since the last time you left a message, a new area has been added to this site. There is now a Peerless Forum; it is listed under "Domestic Makes" on the list of 94 forums. Please feel welcome to post messages there.

It was interesting to learn that you have a 1928 Peerless in such a faraway land! I must admit that I don't know much about automobile collecting in the Near East, except that Jordan and Abu Dhabi are supposed to have national car museums. I have also heard that old Dodge Power Wagons are well regarded in Saudi Arabia.

I do not know of anyone who has an ammeter for sale, but I will tell you if I hear of one. ----Jeff

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