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Dodge Senior front and rear spring shackle design

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My 1927 Dodge senior is currently fitted with the same style spring shackles front and rear; however, the parts book list The front spring shackle (inner)18288 as being different from the rear rear type(inner) 20988.

The parts list also show that there should be a total of six lock washes fitted.

Any ideas were the lock wasters should be fitted, and what the difference between the two spring shackle (inner) plates might be would be much appreciated.

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Guest DodgeKCL

This is way out of my years of expertise but it has come up before and may be still somewhere in the cache of questions and answer posts. If memory serves me the 'lock washers' aren't what you would think. They are long flat steel gizmos that are held in place by the shackle bolt and extend up and down the side of the shackle to 'lock' the shackle bits from loosening. And there is a 'short' and 'long' lock washer, one with 1 hole and the other with 2 holes. Try searching the back posts.

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