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1926 willy overland/wippet????? need help


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I have a 1926 willy 4 door.

I am trying to find a web site to help me identify it.

It has a candeleaver/eclliptical type front and rear spring setup something that i have never seen before.

Any help would be great. thanks

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A simple google search for "Willys Overland" brought thousands of hits. The main one would be the Willys Overland Whippet group. At a quick glance they had semi-eliptical suspension in 1929 but I would suspect that they might have used quarter-eliptical springs in earlier years as did the Chev 490.

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Guest abh3usn

Try the Willys Overland Kinght Registry. There are pages devoted to each make, Whippett, Overland, W-K, Willys exc. There's lots of pictures, and tons of info it just takes time to navigate. Hope this helps. You can also send a pic to your local region and they'll be happy to offer assistance. I had my grandfathers Whippet identified (Model/make/year) they were very helpful. Grandfather had a '29 Whippet 96 6 cyl two door. Here's the link. Steve

Willys Overland Kinght Registry

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