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Electric cars are the future?

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The electric car would be perfect in every way, and far superior to any gas or diesel car except for one thing. The power supply.

A typical lead acid electric car battery is like carrying around a waterbed in size and weight. A waterbed that holds energy equal to 1 gallon of gas.

The latest electric cars use modern batteries the same as used in cell phones. In this case the performance is fantastic but so is the cost.

There are 3 or 4 different types of batteries ranging from the old Baker Electric style lead acid jobs to the latest super dupers. Now they are talking about a new type of capacitor that will outdo the best battery.

If they ever come up with a power supply that carries even half as much energy in the same size and weight as a gas tank, and that is practical to build at a reasonable price, the electric car will make the gas car obsolete overnight.

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Not only is the power supply for driving the car a problem, but the other major problem is recharging those batteries in a reasonable amount of time.

Think about how long you spend at the gas pump to fill your tank with fifteen gallons of gas. Maybe two minutes? That's a phenomenal amount of energy transferred in a very short amount of time. That's the problem with transferring electricity to a battery. So far, you can't send that amount of energy into a battery that quickly.

If you can always recharge overnight, it's no big issue. But if you are traveling from Washington to Boston and can't do it on one charge, you don't want to spend even one hour recharging your batteries. That's what's keeping the electric car out of the viable marketplace at this time.

But maybe that will change the way we travel. If electric cars become commonplace with the recharge issue still unsolved, our personal travel will always be within a radius of one charge, whereas longer distance travel will be done on high speed rail or other efficient public transportation. Sounds like a good solution to me.

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Guest poonamt93

Yes,Electric cars are our Future.

As hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular, most of the major car manufacturers are focusing on the development of pure electric vehicles.Up until recently, electric cars were impractically slow and short-ranged, but new technical developments allow them to better serve consumer needs.

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