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FS: 1925 Studebaker Big Six Berline (again!)

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My poor baby. You may remember me from Post 585991 back on 3/18/09; my father's 1925 Studebaker Big Six Berline was put on eBay for sale, but no one stepped up to buy it at first. Then I have one person who put a deposit down, but is unable to purchase it. He's given me permission to try to sell it again, since I really want to get it out of my father's workshop. So, the saga continues!

To keep things organized I have created a website with lots of info and a large photo gallery. Feel free, of course, to pass this page along to others!


I'm aiming for $1200 for the car. I'll entertain all reasonable offers.

This Studebaker is in a locked workshop, with parts everywhere. Wheelbase: 127 inches (according to papers). Right-hand (English) steering. Original license plate. Assume that most, but not all, parts are present. Be prepared to sort through warehouse to find additional parts. Lots more information is on the web page - http://www.rubicat.com/studebaker

Buyer must travel to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, preferably the weekend of June 13, as I will be there that week.

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