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Battery Security


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Being at that point of the restoration I am just about to buy a battery for my 1925 roadster. The only suitable size available locally is just right for height, meaning that it will be restrained by the wooden insulator under the battery box cover. However, it will have about one inch space at each end and about 3/4 inch at each side.

I note that no means of restraint was originally provided for the battery. However, it was contained in a wooden case.

Being concerned that some form of mechanical constraint such as a bracket could mean that vibration is transferred to the battery, I realise that it must have some movement. By the same token I am worried that the battery I am buying has a little too much.

Does anyone have experience in this area? Am I worrying unnecessarily? What about some rubber jammed down the sides or a wooden locating frame?

All suggestions gratefully accepted.


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