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Aftermarket "Soft" Trim...

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You won't find 'em at Western Auto or Warshawsky's...


Jordan is this hood ornament's name, from the "Somewhere West of Laramie" Playboy Jordans,

not the NBA star. Sophia, the '81 Fiat Spider 2000 can't shake him.


Clean or dirty, it matters not, as the healthy dose of pollen on our '56 Lincoln Premiere proves.

Thus dispelling the notion that these "accessories" appear only after a good washing & drying.


You never know where they'll pop up! So show us <span style="font-style: italic">your</span> unauthorized automotive adornments...

(Just leave 'em home on Show Day!)


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Sadly I can't show you that kind of adornment because it happened when Bill was a teenager and so quickly no one was ready with a camera, but here is the story. It happened in Califon, N.J. which is out in the country near where Jackie O had her horse farm.

Bill's older sister's best friend Helen showed up with her new car. Bill's Bantam rooster "Rusty" flew up onto it and started crowing. Helen was no amused mad.gif and went out the front door fussing at Rusty to get off of her car.

She went right back through that door at a rapid rate of speed with an irate Bantam rooster hot on her heels. whistle.gif Bill thought that was pretty funny since Helen thought the rooster would run from her. laugh.gif

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There'd have been chicken dinner that night for sure!

Me uncle Edd had a 1941 Ford coupe he bought new just before he left for the War. My grandma had a couple of pet Banty roosters, and one of them pulled the same stunt right after Edd had washed and "simonized" the Super Duper Double Deluxe Pea Green Coupe. The rooster saw his reflection in the freshly polished door and promptly started a fight. You can imagine what his spurs did to the Ford's enamel paint.

Depsite her squalling at Edd to not kill her rooster, it was too late. Spurs or not, that rooster was squab and gravy that night.

My grandma often said that was one of the few times she ever saw fire in Edd's eyes.

I have never understood feline obsession with getting on top of a car, but it could be worse. Goats like to get on top of them too.

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Cats just love to be able to look down on the world, so they go for the higher perches. My mother-in-law's cat, Taffy loved the bed of my 1928 Model A 1/2 ton stakebed.



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