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Oil pressure gauge malfunction

Guest cain1234

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Guest cain1234

The oil pressure gauge on my 23rd series Super Eight has suddenly pegged over to 80 (off the scale) when ignition is turned and/or engine running. Needle returns to zero when ignition turned off. Does this indicate problem is sending unit or dash gauge? How do I determine? Thanks for your help.

Charlie Cain

North Texas

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Assuming nothing was changed and problem started suddenly, most likely it is sender but couple of things to check. Don't remember if 23rd used magnetic or thermal gauges so that's first question.

When you turn key on, do all the gauges snap to their position or take a few seconds and slowly come up to read. If they snap, they are magnetic. If they take a few seconds and slowly come to the reading area, then are thermal.

First, disconnect wire from the sender. If thermal and gauge now reads 0, then sender is suspect. If still reads 80, check for a shorted wire, and if magnetic gauge also check for good ground at gauge. If no short and good ground but gauge still reads, then suspect faulty gauge.

If it is sender, then make sure to get the proper type from one of the vendors-

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