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Guest Hinckley

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Guest Hinckley

The Route 66 Association of Kingman, Arizona, is launching an ambitious project to refurbish vintage neon signs along the Route 66 corridor and to restore others that will line the south side of that highway in town. Their first project is a towering Packard sales & service sign circa late 1930s.

After the sign has been restored it will be attached to the front of the Old Trails Garage, its original location, on Route 66. This garage has a pretty interesting history as it dates to 1910.

Over the years it has served as the service facility for Chalmers, Packard, Cadillac/La Salle, and Jeep. Perhaps its most fascinating link to automotive history stems from the 1914 Desert Classic "Cactus Derby" race. This garage was used by both Louis Chevrolet and Barney Oldfield for service during that race.

To accomplish these far reaching goals the Route 66 Association of Kingman is seeking donation of a vintage, classic, or antique automobile that can be sold through auction as a fund raiser. Donation of an automobile, or truck, would be tax deductible. For further information or to donate contact:

Tim McDonnell (president)



You may also forward information to me at:


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Guest Hinckley

We found this photo of the Packard sign that will be restored when it was on the second dealership, Duke's. Talk about a small town!

The original garage is still standing and is where the sign will be placed after restoration. As to how old the sign is my guess is 1930 plus or minus five years.

Here is the link for both photos


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