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old photos # 6

Guest weaving

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This one is a mystery. It looks American - probably one of the more expensive light sixes from around 1922-23 judging from the wire wheels, the step plates instead of runningboards and the headlights which are one of the more expensive types, very similar to those on this Templar http://www.conceptcarz.com/view/photo/111048,11519/1922-Templar-A-445-Roadster_photo.aspx

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Guest Casper Friedrich

I dont think it's a Rickenbaker, the shape of the radiator. This car also hasn't any front-wheel brakes, Rickenbaker introduced them in the summer of 1923.

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I think keiser31 and 1937hd45 are right. The overall car details seem to match with a Cleveland of cca 1923. Especially the Chandler like headlamps. The badge on the photo confuses by having imperfections or reflections which distort the double oval shape. The attached leaflet from the internet seems to clinch it. As the photo was taken in Europe, wire wheels would have been a preferred option. There appears to be an importer’s plate just back of the front wheel. Perhaps if enlarged it could tell more?


Vintman (UK)



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